Life insurance

Life insurance can be taken out to provide supplementary private insurance to the coverage provided by OASI and pension schemes

By taking out life insurance, you are taking responsibility for yourself, your partner, your family or your business partner. You’ll be saving for old age, profiting from insurance coverage and gaining an additional tax benefit. Your beneficiaries will enjoy full insurance coverage from the outset in the case of death. Good yields can also be achieved as a result of preferential interest rates.

There are a diverse range of life insurance plans available. Some life insurance plans provide you with the peace of mind that when the contract expires upon your death, the full insured sum will be paid out, for example. Some are best concluded at a young age, whereas others are aimed at older people. Furthermore, you can also use the life insurance plan to hedge financial obligations or finance your own home.

We would be happy to help you determine which insurance plan is best for you. Let us advise you.