For less entrepreneurial risk

As an entrepreneur, you bear certain entrepreneurial and industry-specific risks.

For less entrepreneurial risk

There are a large range of company insurance plans available. When selecting a plan, you need to determine which risks you would like to have covered and which don’t require coverage. It’s important that you take the time to carefully consider how likely certain risks are to occur within your company and how high the damage could be. Costly risks or those that could pose a threat to the survival of your company must be insured in any case.

Liability insurance

Liability insurance plans can also provide coverage for financial losses against third parties in your professional life. Liability risks that occur as a result of business activities are covered. The service provided by liability insurance also checks all claims asserted against you and defends any unjustified claims.

Professional and business liability

Professional liability insurance provides protection against claims for damages and subsequent financial loss. It covers claims for damages that occur as a result of services rendered.

Business liability insurance provides coverage for loss incurred by claims for damages asserted by clients, employees, visitors or suppliers.

Financial loss liability

This special insurance is aimed at occupational groups who manage third-party assets and undertake consultation activities in this field.

Product liability

Product liability insurance covers damages caused by faulty products. It is recommended for manufacturing companies and suppliers.

In addition to the various liability insurance plans, there are also a wide range of business insurance plans available. We would like to take this opportunity to describe a few options, but please feel free to contact us directly in the case of individual queries.

It is extremely important to think about all of your risks when concluding business insurance plans. We can help you with this. We make sure your personal business situation is taken into account to select the right insurance plan and enable you to have peace of mind.

Property insurance

If your property, goods or facilities are damaged or destroyed by a fire or break-in, property insurance will step in.

Business interruption insurance

Fires, flooding, break-ins or natural catastrophes: there are a number of reasons that lead to interruptions in business. Business interruption insurance can help limit the risks by covering running costs and lost profit for a certain period of time.

Business legal protection

Successful entrepreneurs fight for their rights – also before a judge with legal representation, if required. However, the costs can quickly add up. In order to help, you can conclude legal expenses insurance to have access to targeted support from lawyers and other specialists. Attorneys’ fees, legal and investigation expenses, costs for experts, litigation compensation, bail money and mediation costs are all covered by legal expenses insurance plans.

Certain business insurance plans can or must also be concluded by employers for employees:

Accident insurance

In Switzerland, employers are required to take out accident insurance. This insurance provides coverage in the case of an accident at work or occupational diseases and also covers the costs of the economic consequences.

Collective daily sickness benefits insurance

Employees are still paid when ill or on maternity leave despite not working. Collective daily sickness benefits insurance releases you, as the employer, from your obligation to continue paying the employee’s salary.

Do you have any questions regarding business insurance plans or are you contemplating which insurance plans are important and best for your company? We would be happy to provide you with assistance and help you make a decision.

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