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Insurances, financing, property, accounting and administrative challenges are our areas of expertise. We can provide expert and reliable support in all of these matters.
We have been providing insurance advice to over 1000 clients for over 20 years. We don’t just provide help and advice; you can also benefit from our extensive experience. Profit from our high commitment to quality that’s reflected in each individual task. You’ll be impressed by our punctual and precise way of working. Furthermore, we’ll convince you with our structured solution approaches that can be implemented without any issues to optimise your work processes.
Our young and dynamic team of skilled experts and business economists are easy to reach in the heart of Switzerland – in the beautiful Opfikon (Glattpark) near Zurich.

Meet the managing director:

The founder, managing director and owner of FENIX Consulting is Teuta Kerhani, an insurance specialist and economics graduate with an advanced degree in business administration from BVS Zurich.

Following her degree in economics with a focus on finance, she became self-employed in the insurance industry in 2000 and established her own agency, FENIX Consulting, with 11 employees and a vast network of external employees. This superwoman keeps herself up to date through regular seminars and relevant training on the topics of insurance and finance and makes sure she keeps abreast of the times for her clients. Furthermore, money is always invested in technical facilities and infrastructure to ensure everything is kept in line with the current state of technology.

FENIX Consulting has established itself as a reliable partner for insurance matters and solutions for economic and financial issues on the topic of property.

Her expertise, leadership personality and sensitivity have all helped Teuta Kerhani make a name for herself in German-speaking Switzerland. FENIX Consulting currently provides assistance to over 1000 clients, with an ever-growing client base. Kerhani views the services offered by FENIX Consulting as a synonym for trust in insurance, financial and fiduciary activities. Clients report feeling confident and secure at every point during their collaboration.

FENIX Consulting has turned the dry topic of insurance into a vibrant product with the “Swiss” seal of approval.

Teuta Kerhani
Executive Director
+41 78 812 28 03
Avni Rifati
Sales / Key Account Manager
+41 44 514 40 00
Aina Hoti
+41 78 641 50 58
Magribe Hajdari
+41 78 874 21 04

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If you are interested in working with us, we would be happy to discuss this with you personally in order to get to know you or your business. Our advice is provided on the basis of respect and trust, we will not force you to do anything you aren't comfortable with. You should only work with us if our relationship has the right chemistry and you are impressed by our solutions.

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