A successful start to your self-employment

Are you an ardent believer in your business ideas, have you thoroughly analysed the market and competition situation and do think that you've got what it takes to turn your young company into an overnight success? Then you’re off to a great start: an optimistic attitude with a focus on the future is essential for every entrepreneur.

Our participation as founders of the faith

You’re clearly well-positioned in your area of expertise, but what about the tasks you aren’t so certain about? For example, does your business plan fulfil all of the requirements? Which formalities need to be taken care off prior to launching your company? Are your financial and liquidity plans based on a solid foundation?

We would be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the launch of your company.

In personal consultations, we can advise you on

  • How to prepare a business plan that will win the support of banks and business partners.
  • How to focus on your entrepreneurial strengths and reduce your weaknesses prior to launching your company.
  • How to carefully plan and permanently monitor your earnings and expenses to ensure there are no bottlenecks.

Benefit from

  • Our participation in bank and notary appointments that take place within the scope of establishing your company.
  • Direct delivery of the required documents to the commercial register office and monitoring of publications in the Swiss Official Gazette of Commerce.
  • Our know-how in financial planning and capital procurement.
You even have the option of having us fulfil the role of a fiduciary founding person.

Request an individual consultation

With a competent set-up advisor behind you, you’re never alone as an entrepreneur. You even have the option of having us fulfil the role of a fiduciary founding person.

We will develop a tailor-made concept for you that perfectly suits your company launch. This will help you successfully become your own boss without experiencing any nasty shocks.

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