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Who is going to pay for my child’s braces or my glasses? How can I insure my house against damage caused by natural phenomena? What happens if I unintentionally damage the property of others?

Life is beautiful, but it doesn’t come without risk

Life is beautiful, but it doesn’t come without risk. Make life all the more enjoyable by ensuring all of your risks are well insured.

You have an enormous amount of responsibility for yourself and your family and will often need to make decisions regarding potential insurance plans: How can I best insure my kids? How expensive is private health insurance? Can I change health insurance plans over the age of 60?

We can answer all of your questions and more: we will analyse your individual, insurable risks and provide you with a tailor-made quotation. Sometimes this will feature individual insurance plans and at other times advantageous combinations of insurance plans. In both cases, we will always provide you with the most price-attractive option.

The biggest personal risks include:

  • Illness
  • Injuries or damages to people or property and consequent financial loss caused by you or your children
  • Property damage to your house caused by a break-in, fire, water, vandalism or natural phenomena
  • Damage to your car

We would be happy to advise you on which insurance plans can provide coverage for the most applicable risks in your individual case. We always ensure your personal needs and individual lifestyle are taken into consideration: a good insurance package doesn’t just come off the shelf, it should be specially curated to suit your needs.

Health insurance

All residents of Switzerland are able to obtain basic health insurance to provide basic coverage for illness, accidents and pregnancy. A number of additional insurance plans with varying services are also available to supplement the coverage provided by basic healthcare. This is where we step in. We can provide you with an overview of the additional insurance plans that offer the services you require. Enabling you to get as much from your additional insurance as possible.

Life insurance

Life insurance can be taken out to provide supplementary private insurance to the coverage provided by OASI and pension schemes. By taking out life insurance, you are taking responsibility for yourself, your partner, your family or your business partner. You’ll be saving for old age, profiting from insurance coverage and gaining an additional tax benefit. Your beneficiaries will enjoy full insurance coverage from the outset in the case of death. Good yields can also be achieved as a result of preferential interest rates.

There are a diverse range of life insurance plans available. Some life insurance plans provide you with the peace of mind that when the contract expires upon your death, the full insured sum will be paid out, for example. Some are best concluded at a young age, whereas others are aimed at older people. Furthermore, you can also use the life insurance plan to hedge financial obligations or finance your own home.

We would be happy to help you determine which insurance plan is best for you.
Let us advise you.

Vehicle insurance

Do you want to use your car or motorbike on a daily basis without worrying about the financial implications of damage or accidents? Then we recommend taking out vehicle insurance. Vehicle liability insurance provides coverage in the case of claims for damages from third parties and is mandatory in Switzerland. You also have the option to take out comprehensive insurance to cover any damages to your own car.

Vehicle insurance covers damages to the following vehicles:

  • Cars
  • Vans
  • Caravans
  • Trailers
  • Transporters up to 3.5 tonnes
  • SUVs
  • Minibuses
  • Tractors
  • Site trailers
  • Commercial vehicles

In addition to comprehensive insurance with partial or full coverage, a number of additional insurance plans can be taken out for your vehicle such as passenger accident insurance, parking damage insurance and glass insurance. In certain cases, it may be advisable to insure cases of gross negligence.

We would be happy to discuss your situation together with you and suggest an optimal insurance package. We can also provide advice on whether legal protection or bonus protection is best for your situation.

Whole life insurance

None of us want to think about it, but it can (unfortunately) happen to any of us: a fatal accident or serious illness. What would happen to my child who is still in school after an ill stroke of fate? To the mortgage that hasn’t been paid off in full? To my partner, who has to care for the children?

Safeguard against the risk of being left with nothing. We can provide advice on the available options.

Home insurance

If you don’t have anything, you don’t have anything to lose or insure. That’s certainly true. But don’t make the mistake of undervaluing your property. It might not be worth insuring the furnishings from your student room, but after your university days, everything needs to be insured.

Home insurance covers damages to personal property in your household, such as furniture, technical appliances, clothes and sports equipment. It doesn’t matter whether these items are located in your house or if you were not at home or on holiday. The insurance provider will cover the financial loss. This also includes water and fire damage and damage caused by break-ins.

The premium for home insurance depends on the insured amount. This should roughly correspond to the amount you would have to pay out in order to replace the entire household in the case of total loss. 

We can provide advice to ensure you are neither over nor underinsured.

Personal liability insurance

In contrast to vehicle insurance, private liability insurance is not mandatory. It is, however, advisable, as damage to other’s property caused by yourself or another family member can occur quickly. And it can also be expensive.

Those with personal liability insurance are not required to pay for unintentional damage to the property of others.

The following are insured:

  • Damages up to a guaranteed amount of 5 or 10 million Francs.
  • Private individuals, also as tenants, property owners, pet owners, cyclists and athletes.
  • Occasional driving of vehicles that you don’t own and damage to entrusted property.
  • Relatives who live together in the same household, if a family insurance plan has been taken out.
  • Self-employed, professional activities up to an annual turnover of 20,000 Francs.

Discuss your requirements with us. We would be happy to recommend an insurance plan for you on the basis of your personal requirements.

Legal expenses insurance

Were you involved in a traffic accident followed by a dispute about who was to blame? Have you received a warning regarding your child’s online activities? Do you have issues with your landlord? It’s often hard to assert your rights without the help of a lawyer. Without legal protection insurance, you’ll most likely need to weigh up whether the price of a lawyer is worth it. Legal expenses insurance provides you with legal assistance in all situations free of charge.

In addition to legal advice, legal expenses insurance also covers

  • Attorneys’ fees
  • Expenses for expert opinions
  • Court and litigation costs
  • Litigation and party compensation

There are a range of traffic and private law expenses insurance plans available. We would be happy to advise you on the best legal expenses insurance plan for your life situation.

Travel insurance

Holidays are meant to be the best time of the year. Did you save up a large sum of money for your dream holiday, but get ill just before jetting off? Or did this happen to one of your travelling companions? Were you unable to travel and therefore also had to pay 100% cancellation fees? It’s a frustrating situation.

Travel cancellation insurance will cover any costs that arise due to cancellations or trip interruptions caused by illness, for example.

You can also take out additional accident, luggage and travel health insurance. These insurance plans can be taken out individually or as part of a package. Frequent travellers may also elect to take out annual insurance plans.

We would be happy to advise you on the best insurance plan for your travel situation.

For less entrepreneurial risk

As an entrepreneur, you bear certain entrepreneurial and industry-specific risks.

There are a large range of company insurance plans available. When selecting a plan, you need to determine which risks you would like to have covered and which don’t require coverage. It’s important that you take the time to carefully consider how likely certain risks are to occur within your company and how high the damage could be. Costly risks or those that could pose a threat to the survival of your company must be insured in any case.

Please find an overview of recommended insurance plans below:



Liability insurance

Liability insurance plans can also provide coverage for financial losses against third parties in your professional life. Liability risks that occur as a result of business activities are covered. The service provided by liability insurance also checks all claims asserted against you and defends any unjustified claims.

Professional and business liability

Professional liability insurance provides protection against claims for damages and subsequent financial loss. It covers claims for damages that occur as a result of services rendered.

Business liability insurance provides coverage for loss incurred by claims for damages asserted by clients, employees, visitors or suppliers.

Financial loss liabilityv

This special insurance is aimed at occupational groups who manage third-party assets and undertake consultation activities in this field.

Product liability

Product liability insurance covers damages caused by faulty products. It is recommended for manufacturing companies and suppliers.

In addition to the various liability insurance plans, there are also a wide range of business insurance plans available. We would like to take this opportunity to describe a few options, but please feel free to contact us directly in the case of individual queries.

It is extremely important to think about all of your risks when concluding business insurance plans. We can help you with this. We make sure your personal business situation is taken into account to select the right insurance plan and enable you to have peace of mind.

Property insurance

If your property, goods or facilities are damaged or destroyed by a fire or break-in, property insurance will step in.

Business interruption insurance

Fires, flooding, break-ins or natural catastrophes: there are a number of reasons that lead to interruptions in business. Business interruption insurance can help limit the risks by covering running costs and lost profit for a certain period of time.

Business legal protection

Successful entrepreneurs fight for their rights – also before a judge with legal representation, if required. However, the costs can quickly add up. In order to help, you can conclude legal expenses insurance to have access to targeted support from lawyers and other specialists. Attorneys’ fees, legal and investigation expenses, costs for experts, litigation compensation, bail money and mediation costs are all covered by legal expenses insurance plans.

Certain business insurance plans can or must also be concluded by employers for employees:

Accident insurance

In Switzerland, employers are required to take out accident insurance. This insurance provides coverage in the case of an accident at work or occupational diseases and also covers the costs of the economic consequences.

Collective daily sickness benefits insurance

Employees are still paid when ill or on maternity leave despite not working. Collective daily sickness benefits insurance releases you, as the employer, from your obligation to continue paying the employee’s salary.

Do you have any questions regarding business insurance plans or are you contemplating which insurance plans are important and best for your company? We would be happy to provide you with assistance and help you make a decision.

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